Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes our current policies and practices with regard to information we collect through this website and Xproctor client application. Please review this Privacy Policy regularly as it is subject to change.

Online Payments

Credit Card Refunds – Any customer has the right to dispute a credit card charge from the card’s issuing bank. If a charge is challenged, a retrieval request will be sent to the merchant asking for proof that a sale had been made by the customer. In addition, the merchant’s credit card processor has the right to discontinue service for many reasons. And finally, a merchant should take due diligence to protect against someone trying to order merchandise with stolen cards by becoming familiar with the process.

Information Collection and Use

Xproctor will not sell, license or trade personal information collected on this site or through Xproctor client application. Information collected is used for the sole purpose of furthering the services offered by Xproctor for the client. All capture logs (Audio, video, photo, and screen shots) and login logs(IP address, location, city, and state) are kept on encrypted database.  All log records are under the discretion of the client. After six months to one year, the client may off load the data to different location, destroy the records,  or make another arrangement with Xproctor.


Xproctor  website may contain links and information from other websites and/or organizations. Xproctor is not responsible for Privacy Practices nor directly supports the views of said websites and/or organizations.


The Xproctor websites may use cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that contains information about the visitor in order to enhance their experience. In most cases this information has already been provided by the user in one form or another. We do not store preferences, personal information or track pages visited on other web sites.


Xproctor takes precautions to secure any information collected on our website and Xproctor client application

FERPA: Refer to the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act web page for more information.

Xproctor is dedicated to preserving the privacy of  all clients.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns by emailing  or call Xproctor main number.