Xproctor is designed to integrate with all LMSs, which utilize the Learning Tools Interpretability (LTI) from IMS Global or can be operated independently using assigned credentials or Single Sign on.

After you configure your institution’s record with type and frequency of capturing, then learners ready to be proctored. Before starting the proctored exam or quiz, the learner initiates Xproctor as an external tool within the LMS and will be authenticated based on the email address in the Xproctor database. Then Xproctor starts capturing the following in the background without disturbing the learner as long as you do not close the tab within the browser:

  • Capture multiple photos
  • Capture multiple videos
  • Capture Prompted audio
  • Capture unprompted audio
  • Capture Geolocation
  • Capture IP
  • Capture Date & Time login

With each photo capture, Xproctor will make a face comparison with the profile photo. If there is a match, then it will be logged in the proctor log database as a “true”. Otherwise, it will be “false”. Also, if there is more than one person in the photo or no one in the photo, the system will flag it in the database for later reporting. With all Xproctor products, we use proprietary face recognition algorithm.

Institution officials have access to all data by using Xproctor Administration system. Through the system administration, you have access to all proctor log and reports. Proctor logs can be filtered based on a combination of name, group, and subgroup.