About Us

Xproctor provides authentication and proctoring services for on-line learners. Xproctor is an electronic proctoring solution that combats academic dishonesty by authenticating the student in an on-line environment. Our authentication services include verifying the student’s identity and continued personal participation via facial recognition, video, sound, and photographic methods. Our proctoring and authentication solutions provide an audit trail that is compliant with most accreditation principles and procedures, making it easy to provide evidence of verifiable exam proctoring when the need arises.
Using Xproctor ensures the integrity of the exam for your institution while still allowing your students the flexibility they need with an online solution. By authenticating users for on-line education purposes, you increase the quality of their education as well as make sure your institution is providing the best service possible for your students. On-line learning has become more and more prevalent in our society, creating a need for proctoring, you can trust partnered with student authentication.
Xproctor solutions are affordable and user friendly, making our patent pending technology requires students to sign in to the system and consent to being recorded. The institution can pre-configure settings to capture what they are concerned about during the exam. The system will take screenshots, read highlighted text out loud, capture unprompted audio, take user photos, and more. If selected, Xproctor can even compare the photo taken during the exam to the institution’s stored photo of the student to verify identity of the person taking the exam.
Whether your needs are educational or professional, Xproctor can provide you with the capability of expanding the availability of your online courses and certifications. We are dedicated to helping our clients provide the convenience and flexibility of on-line testing and learning coupled with the affordability and scalability of our product solutions. Don’t let the security of exam proctoring be an issue when deciding whether to offer you programs on-line. With Xproctor, you will never have to worry about the integrity of an exam results.

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